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The future of business is circular.

Explore the programs and initiatives Victorian Circular Activator use to drive innovation in the circular economy.


In addition to the powerful social and environmental impact that circular business models have on our world, organisations that embed circular practices into their business models will gain increased competitive advantage in the market. 

How can you access what's on offer?

Each of the activation programs below have been designed to support organisations to explore the benefits of the circular economy. VCA's activation programs will provide organisations with a hands-on learning experience focused on practical testing of potential circular tools, processes, and innovations.


Read through the programs and activations designed to support capabilities and skills training, forging partnerships and venture creation, then learn more about what's currently on offer by reading the detailed descriptions.


If you would like to learn more about a particular opportunity, please fill out the form on the contact us page.

Program Categories

Build Circular Skills

Forging Partnership for Large Scale Impact

Venture Creation





to Thrive

Waste to 







and Showcase

Program Details

Who is it for?
What is it?
What will you get from it?
Collaborate to Thrive ​
Councils wishing to engage with their communities and local businesses in the circular transition
Community led activation program focused on problem and opportunity identification to achieve future state
Clear identification of the circular transition challenges for stakeholders
Waste to Wellbeing ​
Councils or civic groups looking to understand opportunities to valorise waste streams
Activation program identifying opportunities to extract/retain more value from existing waste streams​
Identify commercially viable opportunities for waste diversion and value retention
Policy makers and businesses who need plan to initiate a circular transition
Action based program co-designing solutions for identified CE problems & opportunities
Business case and action plan for achieving circular transitions
Policy makers, designers and business owners
Targeted CE learning experiences for specific cohorts, embedding cutting-edge knowledge
Understanding of relevant CE concepts, tools & methodologies as applied to their roles
Activated Research ​
SME/Industry bodies/Local council with ‘wicked problems’
Commissioned research to solve 'wicked' problems where no available solution exists
Research outputs and validated research findings to support action
Circular Launch​
SME/Industry bodies/Local council with ‘wicked problems’
Incubation program to support entrepreneurs with an innovative circular idea
New ventures with traction & validated proposals
Showcase & networking​
Participants in the transition
Space, events and activations to catalyse collaboration, idea generation and resource sharing
Strategic activity in the community to amplify impact

Keen to start embedding circular innovation into your organisation?

We'd love to hear from you. Click the button below and fill out the contact form, selecting the option for which program you're interested in.

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