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Circular Economy
Innovation Frameworks V1

These frameworks were developed to help businesses navigate the emerging circular economy body of knowledge in order to accelerate both disruptive and iterative innovations that help accelerate the transition towards a more circular economy in Victoria.


The hope is that they will create accessible innovation pathways that organisations can use to inform and guide their journey to circularity. This innovation pathway consists of a series of frameworks that support circular economy thinking at different business decision making levels that culminate in an organisation delivering a number of circular economy transition projects throughout their business.


The scope of this work is focused on innovation that is within a businesses control, and does not cover the macro level forces needed to provide the favourable landscape needed for circular economy innovation to thrive. The frameworks are thus limited in their overall impact and should be built on over time. For the purpose of this work we will retain a business centric perspective, focusing on areas that organisations have direct control over.


These frameworks were developed through a theoretical driven literature review process. They consolidate best practice tools and research into an easily digestible set of frameworks. 

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