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Victorian Circular Activator:
Advancing Circularity

Victorian Circular Activator is a partnership between RMIT, RMIT Activator, Swinburne University, Circular Economy Victoria and Australia Circular Economy Hub, funded by Sustainability Victoria.

We believe that high-impact partnerships are crucial to achieving long-term and sustainable change and represent the collaborative action so needed for a circular transition.  


We are looking for partners to take action with us in one or all of the phases outlined in the Impact Activation framework. 

We'd love to work with you. Click the button below to get in touch with the VCA team if you would like to start a conversation or spark an idea. 

1 / Material innovation:
Advances in material science that promote extended material life and increased circularity potential.

Connected research

  • REPORT: RMIT Activator Impact Agency: Download

2 / Product innovation: 
Research in product design practices that promote extended product life and/or increased circularity potential. 

Connected research

  • REPORT: Circular Economy Innovation Showcase: Download

3 / Business model innovation: 
Research in industrial design practices that promote increased circularity potential of value creation and value delivery systems.

Connected research

  • ​REPORT: Circular Economy Research Showcase: Download

  • REPORT: Circular Economy Hub Integration: Download

  • REPORT: Embedding Circular Economy Principles within RMIT's Social Innovation Precinct: Download

  • REPORT: Circular Economy - Measurements, Assessments and Pathways: Download

4 / Ecosystem innovation: 

Research in policy that supports circularity and consumer behaviour. 

Increased understanding of systems thinking that supports circular economy transitions.

​Connected research:

  • REPORT: CEED Innovation Program: Download

  • REPORT: Towards developing a digital platform for a systemic shift to a circular economy: Download

  • REPORT: Collaborate to Thrive City of Casey Strategic Opportunities: Download

Research showcase

Research themes and reports

Each partnering organisation regularly reports on their contribution to the Victorian Circular Activator, capturing the input and outcomes of their circular activities throughout the year. 

The reports are made public for your consideration, to show how circularity is being embedded into higher education and industry. We invite you to share the results and use the findings in your own work.

If you'd like to explore our Impact Activation Framework, you can download a copy here:

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