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Advancing Circularity
Circular Economy Research Showcase

The Victorian Circular Activator is inviting researchers to present and/or showcase their circular economy research at its annual Circular Research Showcase.

The two day event connects CE researchers to over 300 government, industry, and community leaders and practitioners from across the circular economy space.


Masters, PHD, and Postdoctoral researchers



Connect to industry/government/community

Connect to other researchers

Share your knowledge/research insights


28 & 29 July 2022


RMIT Activator (Melbourne, Victoria)

Submissions close 22 July 2022

Engagement Formats


Present your research at our showcase

Present your research in a 20 minute lecture during one of 4 themed sessions


Showcase your research on our website

Join our online researcher directory to share and connect


Attend a research presentation

Engage with academics & professionals in one of 4 themed sessions


Attend a networking session

Join us for a networking session with researcher and industry partners

Research Themes

  • Material Innovation (28 July 2022)

    • ​​Material science advances that promote extended material life and/or increased circularity potential

    • Research in material substitutions brom both technical feasibility and economic viability perspectives

    • Research in scarcity of critical raw materials

  • Product Innovation (28 July 2022)

    • Research in product design practices that promote extended product life and/or increased circularity potential

    • Increased understanding of manufacturing and supply chain practices that enhance circularity

  • Business Model Innovation (29 July 2022)

    • ​Research in industrial design practices that promote increased circularity potential of value creation and value delivery systems

    • Research in service design practices that increase understanding of benefits to stakeholders and customers

    • Business model advances that promote increased material and product productivity

  • Ecosystem Innovation (29 July 2022)

    • Research in policy that supports circularity

    • Research in consumer and general community behaviour

    • Increased understanding of systems thinking that supports circular economy transitions

    • Research in soil fertility and agricultural yields

    • Research in water management

    • Research in economics or finance that supports circular economy transitions

Submit an expression of interest to share your research

Please note that research should be in a published or ongoing stage


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